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Arizona students facing charges for harassing Border Patrol agents

The University of Arizona is charging two students with misdemeanors after they disrupted a talk by two U.S. Customs Border Patrol agents and verbally protested their presence on campus, reported The Daily Wire.

How we got here: The Border Patrol agents were invited on campus to speak to criminal justice majors. Videos show the students calling the agents “murderers,” and “an extension of the KKK.” After the presentation, the students followed the agents on their way out, chanting “murder patrol.” Shortly after the incident, the  university’s student government said that the agents’ visit was “immensely harmful to our DACA and undocumented community.”

The University President Robert C. Robbins’s email: “University police determined today they will be charging two of the students with interference with the peaceful conduct of an educational institution, a misdemeanor. The student club and the officers invited by the students should have been able to hold their meeting without disruption. Student protest is protected by our support for free speech, but disruption is not.”