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Conservative-backed candidate to win Wisconsin supreme-court election

The likely new justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court is conservative-backed Brian Hagedorn who currently has almost 6,000 votes more than the liberal-backed Lisa Neubauer out of nearly 1.2 million votes cast, reported National Review.

The story: Neubauer asked for a recount, a move she is legally allowed to make and a one that she would have to fund herself, given that the current margin is too wide to trigger a taxpayer-funded recount. The winner hasn’t been officially announced yet.

The Democratic momentum: Democrats won the special elections last year, unseated governor Scott Walker in the midterm elections, and gave a seat to Sen. Tammy Baldwin. Neubauer’s run was also heavily funded by outside electioneering groups and enjoyed a significant amount of support.

Hagedorn drew scrutiny from Neubauer and her supporters who described him as an anti-LGBT bigot because of a Christian school he founded that promotes conservative views of sex and marriage, prompting one business group that initially supported his run to back out. He was also criticized for writing in a blog n 2005 that a landmark gay rights ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court is no different than legalizing bestiality.