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Crowd chants “lock him up” at Bernie Sanders rally, Omar calls for end to “western imperialism”

Members of the crowd at a rally for Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders chanted “lock him up” when the Vermont senator mentioned President Donald Trump.

The rally: “We have a president of the United States who is a pathological liar, who is running the most corrupt administration in history,” said Sanders, prompting “lock him up” cries from the crowd at a rally in Minneapolis on Sunday night.

Frequent Trump critic Rep. Ilhan Omar also attended the rally where she used the opportunity to bash the president yet again.

“The current occupant of the White House likes to talk about making America great. But, every action, and virtually every word out of his mouth, is an attack on the very values and ideals that make this country a beacon of hope for me and the people around the world,” she said.

The Minnesota Democrat, who endorsed Sanders last month, also called for an end to “western imperialism,” saying she is “beyond honored and excited for a president who will fight against western imperialism and fight for a just world.”

Omar argued that Sanders “has always been steadfast in his principles … ones that are being finally accepted now.”

“For a long time Bernie was underestimated. His ideals weren’t taken seriously by the establishment because he refused to fall in line and conform to the pressures in Washington,” Omar said, according to Fox News. “In the sea of corruption, he continuously has stood for justice and never bowed down to special interests. That’s the resolve we need in a president.”

Sanders defended the Muslim congresswoman from attacks from critics like President Trump, suggesting the criticism against Omar was rooted in “hatred” against people “who come from different places or who worship God differently.”

“They thrive on division. They thrive on hatred. They thrive on pitting people against one another who come from different places or who worship God differently,” Sanders said.

“People say that Ilhan and I make an odd political couple. But in fact, there is really nothing odd about it at all. Ilhan and I share a common link as the descendants of families who fled violence and poverty, and who came to this country as immigrants,” he added. “But that is not just my story, or Ilhan’s story – that is the story of America.”

photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore