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Former top political commentator Mark Halperin sells only 502 copies of “How to beat Trump” in first week

Mark Halperin, one of the high-profile media figures who took a serious hit after sexual misconduct allegations, published a book on how to defeat President Trump. It has only sold 502 copies.

How we got here: Halperin lost his job at NBC News and MSNBC and had a book and TV project canceled—a follow-up to his bestselling book on the 2008 presidential election called “Game Change”— following multiple sexual misconduct allegations. He denied the claims but apologized for his “inappropriate” behavior that “caused others pain.”

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In August, when news emerged about his new book which includes commentary from prominent Democratic strategists such as Donna Brazile, David Axelrod, and James Carville, he faced mounting criticism. The book’s contributors, who also took some heat for talking to Halperin for his book, tried to defend themselves by avoiding connections to him, while major news organizations said they wouldn’t interview Halperin, reported the Associated Press.

The numbers: In the first weeks since the book’s release on Oct. 29, Halperin only managed to sell 502 copies, according to NPD BookScan, which covers around 85% of trade print books in the U.S.

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