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George Washington University students vote to replace school’s mascot

Students at George Washington University voted Thursday to remove and replace George the Colonial, the school’s official mascot after critics described it as “offensive,” reported The Blaze.

The vote: 54% of the respondents voted in favor of George the Colonial mascot’s removal. It is unclear whether the student body will act on the results or what mascot would replace the current one. The vote followed a petition signed by more than 500, less than 2% of the total student body of the university.

Supporters: “The word colonial invokes an image of white men coming to take people’s land,” said one student. Other described it as “a little white supremacisty.”

Opponents: “What’s missing in this debate is any sort of common sense whatsoever. There’s a huge difference between a colonial, which is our mascot, and anyone who lived during colonial times, and colonialism, which is what students are saying this mascot is representative of, which is not the case at all,” said  Campus Reform correspondent Abigail Marone.