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John Oliver shows all of Nicolle Wallace’s ‘bleeping’ swears over Trump

On Sunday during HBO’s ‘Last Week Tonight’, host John Oliver showed a minute-long montage of MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace expressing all of her hate for President Trump.

The montage is titled “MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace has a real f*cking problem with this president.” Among the clips in the highlight reel, Wallace said Trump has looked like he’s “full of bleep.” Wallace typically shows her frustration by saying “bleep hole,” “bleep off,” and other words with bleeps sprinkled throughout.

“When you’ve lost Fox News, you’re bleeped,” she added. And, “that tweet you just sent out? Totally bleepin’ bonkers!”

As Oliver’s studio audience applauded Wallace’s comments, he ended the segment by saying, “Moving on…”

Watch the video here.

Image courtesy of Steve Jennings