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Liberals are upset Sean Spicer is still on “Dancing with the Stars”

Many “Dancing with the Stars” fans are frustrated by Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s continued presence on the show, criticizing his performances and saying that he’s only there because of his political ties.

The story: Spicer served under President Trump in 2017 and made his debut on ABC’s show in September this year. The announcement that he would be taking the stage drew immediate backlash, mostly because of his role in the Trump administration.

Despite getting low scores from the judges, Spicer is still advancing on the show due to public votes. President Trump on Monday called on his Twitter followers to vote for Spicer, saying that he is a “great and very loyal guy who is working very hard.”

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But, critics say that Spicer can’t dance and that he should have been eliminated a long time ago. The New York Times published a story by its dance critic in which Gia Kourlas wrote: “Spicer’s staying power has little to do with his performances. Over the past eight weeks, he has been the weakest dancer on the show. His low scores from the judges have borne that out.”

“He hides behind an egregious smile, parting his teeth to make it look as though he’s been caught mid-laugh. That smile seems meant to distract from his plan of attack: never actually performing a dance, but conquering it,” Kourlas added.

Judge Carrie Ann Inaba argued that there are others more deserving of his spot on the show.

“There are really great dancers being sent home, but that is part of our show. It’s always been the audience and the judges’ perspective. So I’m not — I can’t be mad at it, but it’s frustrating,” she told US Weekly

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