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MSNBC’s Joy Reid suggests some Trump supporters don’t understand impeachment

MNBC host Joy Reid on her show “AM Joy” implied that some supporters of President Trump don’t fully understand the current situation at Capitol Hill when it comes to the House-led impeachment inquiry against the president.

Reid’s remarks: After saying that some of her viewers are bound to clash with pro-Trump relatives at the Thanksgiving table, such as “cranky Uncle Roscoe” who’ll yell “read the transcript!” during the political debate, she offered condescending advice to viewers on how to handle the situation and “easily explain [it] to Uncle Roscoe and Auntie Carol.”

Reid said they shouldn’t attempt to go into details and discuss individuals embroiled in the impeachment inquiry or explain the meaning of the phrase “quid pro quo,” since she says, “most people can’t say it, spell it, or understand it.” Instead, they should describe it as “bribery and extortion,” Reid said, arguing that even the president admitted it.

“Even Uncle Roscoe and Auntie Carol ought to understand that,” she concluded.

Worth noting: Reid also took a jab at Thanksgiving as well, calling it a “food holiday” where “problematic actual history meets delicious cuisine.”