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NATO chief lauds Trump’s push for defense spending

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg credited President Trump with making the alliance stronger, saying that his insistence on increased defense spending has impacted the organization, reported Fox News.

Background: NATO members have agreed to pay at least 2 percent of their Gross Domestic Products for defense. President Trump has criticized those who avoid paying their part and has been pressing his demands that the allies meet the requirement.

Stoltenberg’s remarks: “NATO alliance must spend more on defense. This has been the clear message from President Trump. And this message is having a real impact. After years of reducing defense budgets, all allies have stopped the cuts and all allies have increased their defense spending. Before they were cutting billions, now they are adding billions. That money will allow us to invest in new capabilities our armed forces need, including advanced fighter aircraft, attack helicopters, missile defense, and surveillance drones. This is good for Europe and it is good for America.”

Overcoming the ISIS crisis: “Thanks to American leadership and our collective efforts, we have stopped this brutality and millions of people have been liberated,” he said.