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Op-ed: The media continues to protect Jeffrey Epstein

Tiana Lowe, a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner, wrote an op-ed accusing corporate media of attempting to protect Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender, even after his death.

Lowe’s remarks: In her story, Lowe points out that it is not just ABC News that protected Epstein, claiming that CBS News also joined “the game.”

“The rival network, or should I say colluding partner, just fired a staffer who had previously worked at ABC, who allegedly poached and made public the damning footage of anchor Amy Robach confessing that her higher-ups spiked the story,” she wrote. (The staffer, and Project Veritas have since come forward to say she is not the leaker.)

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“The corporate media has made a calculated decision to lean in on their complicity in protecting powerful sex predators. You could even say they’ve embraced their roles as “enemies of the people.”

Lowe says that CNN, and Brian Stelter in particular, want their audience to believe that the real wrongdoers are the conservatives and their anger at the powerful media executives who protected Epstein.

She posted two tweets:

“That ex-ABC (and now ex-CBS) staffer ought to be the star guest of every rival network. But she knows that CNN, MSNBC, and NBC, all of whom also did not cover Epstein’s story, won’t have her back. They’re not competitors to ABC; they are colluders. They are a cartel to protect the powerful,” she continued.

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“And we’ve known for years that even after Epstein left prison for “soliciting a prostitute” (also known as “raping a 14-year-old child”), celebrity journalists such as George Stephanopoulos and Katie Couric still curried favor with him, alongside other notables such as Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz. We now know that said favor came with protection.”

She concluded by saying there are still heroes like Ronan Farrow, whose reporting into Harvey Weinstein was silenced by NBC News in an effort to protect Matt Lauer, Yashar Ali, who has continuously investigated the corruption of ABC and CBS News, and the now-former CBS staffer that are hiding within the press.

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