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Pennsylvania rep. calls “an early miscarriage” a “mess on a napkin” during fetal remains hearing

During this week’s hearing on a bill regarding the disposal of fetal remains, Rep. Wendy Ullman (D.) said “an early miscarriage is just some mess on a napkin.”

“And I’m not sure people would agree that this is something that we want to take to the point of ritual, either cremation or interment,” she added.

Ullman added that the bill refers “to the product of conception after fertilization, which covers an awful lot of territory.”

The lawmakers were debating the Final Disposition of Fetal Remains Act H.B.1890, which requires fetal remains to be disposed of through cremation or interment.

A memorandum on the bill noted that the bill resembled an Indiana legislation which also required fetal remains to be cremated or buried.

On Monday, Pennsylvania state lawmakers introduced a “heartbeat bill,” banning abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected. The proposal comes after pro-life laws passed in other states, reports Free Beacon.