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Rep. Matt Gaetz rips into Washington DC media

Trump ally Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) took a swing at Washington D.C. reporters, saying they are nothing but a bunch of ” kale and quinoa” eaters who are “trying to shape public opinion to be consistent with their worldview” while looking down upon those who “cling to” their Bibles, guns, and “fried foods.”

His remarks: Gaetz made the remarks during a Sunday interview with Fox News’ Mark Levin. The two were discussing the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump when Gaetz said:

“I believe that far too many people in the Washington media have given up journalism, and instead have taken on the role of advocacy. They don’t believe that their job is to report on what is happening. They are trying to shape public opinion to be consistent with their worldview.”

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“It’s a worldview where you eat nothing but kale and quinoa, where those of us who cling to our Bibles and our guns and our fried foods and real America are looked down upon,” Gaetz said, before comparing reporters to “pigeons, waiting for Adam Schiff to throw them a little bit of bird food.”

“And then they just go take it and fly off it with whatever narrative that he wants to spin,” Gaetz concluded, per Mediaite.

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