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Republicans say whistleblower’s offer to answer GOP questions is a political stunt

Republicans doubt that the whistleblower, whose complaint prompted impeachment proceedings, is sincere in his offer to be questioned by both parties.

Mark Zaid, the whistleblower’s attorney, announced that he had contacted Democratic California Rep. Devin Nunes to notify him that the whistleblower would accept written questions from Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee.

Zaid told CBS Saturday night that his client wants to be as bipartisan as possible. However, senior Republicans told the Washington Examiner that they did not receive Zaid’s request until Sunday morning, and they believe the whistleblower’s willingness to answer questions is a political stunt for the Sunday morning news shows.

California Rep. Kevin McCarthy said he wasn’t aware of the offer until hearing about it on air. “I have never received that offer, and I’m the lead Republican,” he said.