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Seattle’s growing homelessness crisis

Seattle’s large homeless population has prompted heated debates among politicians who are still struggling to find a solution to the growing crisis. The homelessness issue, which has caused a rise in crime, addiction, and disorder in the city, is reportedly out of control, resulting in “compassion fatigue” among residents, reported the City Journal.

“Seattle is Dying,” a documentary created by KOMO News’ Eric Johnson shed light on the mounting issues the city is facing, implying that a small part of the homeless population is the reason behind Seattle’s current, chaotic state.

The numbers: The documentary stirred tensions among Seattle residents. 53 % of voters believe in a “zero-tolerance policy” on homeless encampments, according to The Seattle Time’s poll. 62 % of Seattle voters think that the city has made no progress in fixing the problem while it continues to waste money on an issue that is worsening. Only 7% of its residents think that the city doesn’t spend enough on resolving the issue.

Opponents: The City of Seattle and its allies disagree, despite the evidence, claiming that the new tax revenues, including a head tax on large employers, are crucial. “Seattle is making progress to end homelessness, and proven solutions are working.” Timothy Harris, director of Real Change News has even described those who oppose the head tax as “‘alt-right’ white supremacists, bigots, and fascists.” The director of the Project on Family Homelessness at Seattle University Catherine Hinrichsen has criticized Johnson, saying that he spreading “fear.”