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The View’s Ana Navarro: Trump should stick to attending KKK meetings and prayer events

President Trump’s decision to attend sporting events prompted Ana Navarro of ABC’s ‘The View” to send out a hateful tweet suggesting that Trump should stick to attending prayer events and Ku Klux Klan meetings.

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Six days after Trump got booed at a Washington Nationals game, he received the same welcome when he attended a UFC fight in New York City on Saturday, Newsbusters reports.

Over the summer, The Late Show host Stephen Colbert reacted to a clip of Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg stating that “the Republican Party likes to cloak itself in the language of religion” by declaring “I don’t know, mayor, nowadays, it’s less of a cloak and more of a sheet.”

In January, presidential historian and frequent MSNBC guest Jon Meacham compared Trump’s rhetoric to the language used by then-Georgia Governor Clifford Walker at a 1924 KKK Convention.

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