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Tomi Lahren dresses up as AOC for Halloween, saying ‘its the thing that scares me most’

Conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren dressed up as freshman Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Halloween.

In a photo posted on Instagram, Lahren is wearing a brown wig and glasses while clutching a binder titled Green New Deal and a copy of ‘The Communist Manifesto.’ “I’m not afraid of ghouls, ghosts, zombies or political incorrectness,” Lahren wrote in the post. “I am far more terrified AOC was actually elected to the United States Congress. Talk about a haunted House… ”

Lahren released a short video saying, “The Left is getting really triggered with my AOC costume and they’re saying I’m disparaging her for being a bartender. Let me make this very clear: her being a former bartender is the most admirable quality AOC has. Period.”

Last January on Fox & Friends Lahren said, “There’s a difference between being successful on Twitter and social media like Ocasio-Cortez and being relatable on social media platforms and actually being successful in real life.”


Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore