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Transgender woman attacks 79-year-old man for preaching on subway

On Oct. 24, an allegedly transgender woman violently attacked a 79-year-old man with a stiletto because the man was singing gospel songs on the subway.

The man was preaching on a subway train nearing Times Square in New York when the attacker hit him with a stiletto, CBS New York reports. Instagram user “f.u.n.m.i.k.e” posted two videos of the incident last week. “What a world we live in that some people see preaching the word of God as a threat to their lives,” the user said in a caption on one of the posts. 

“This old man right here was just singing some gospel songs and sharing the word of God to people on the train, he didn’t say anything to hurt anyone, he wasn’t even loud, you could barely hear him talk but this is what he got in return from a transgendered Lady,” the user added. “Who hit him on the head with her heels, threw his Bible away and no one didn’t do anything to help but to look at this old man bleed.”

Police sources said the attacker approached the man, shouted and cursed at him, and attacked him with a spiked stiletto shoe. The man was taken to a hospital, where it took 30 stitches to close the wound that the attack left. Police are searching for the attacker, Daily Caller reports.

Image courtesy of Phil Roeder