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Veteran offers his Purple Heart to the dog hurt in Baghdadi raid

On Monday’s ‘Fox & Friends’, the panel discussed whether Conan, the brave dog injured in the capture of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, should be awarded a Purple Heart.

Co-Host Brian Kilmeade introduced the segment by saying “despite the fact that military working dogs are not eligible, veterans are now calling for the canine, who was injured in the raid, to receive the Purple Heart.” Kilmeade introduced Lt. Col Daniel Gade with “Daniel, you are a Purple Heart recipient. You believe you have a message for the president, right?”

“I do have a message for the president. Mr. President, if you are watching this morning,” Gade said, adding “I brought one of my own purple hearts to present to the dog if you would like me to do so or if you would like me to give this to you, I can, these dogs are heroic”

He continued “So, absolutely, if they are wounded in action I think it’s totally fine to present a Purple Heart and you know the handler will have that as something that he can have forever,” before stating that “the dog obviously doesn’t care.”

Does Conan deserve the Purple Heart?

Should Conan, the heroic dog who helped take down ISIS leader al-Baghdadi, be giving the Purple Heart?

Posted by Fox & Friends on Monday, November 4, 2019

Former Army Ranger Michael Bollinger told the New York Post, “Do I believe Conan should receive a Purple Heart for actions on target? Absolutely. They’re out there with us every step of the way.”

United States soldier, James Knuppenburg, who had received a Purple Heart after surviving a sniper shot during a mission in Afghanistan, said, “I would love to see Conan presented a Purple Heart with a live ceremony. I think that the K9 is the most valuable asset on the ground. I don’t think that you can replicate through technology or any sort of weaponry what the K9 is capable of … Without a doubt, I think that any award, including the medal of honor, should be able to be received by a K9.”